White Paper No. 1 'Concepts map Rhythmics of Organizational Change'. "There are interruptions in the pace of changing". Read more: White Paper No. 1 Rhythmics of organizational change

White Paper No. 2 'Themes of Organizational Rhythmics and the Results of the Survey on Organizational Rhythmic'.
"A faster pace mostly comes from pressure from the external surroundings of the organization".
"Acceleration of organizational change is possible if employees are involved in the change process". Read more: White Paper No. 2 Themes of Organizational Rhythmics and results survey Organizational Rhythmics

Case Book Rhythmics of Organizational Change , Nine case studies in change management, Academic Service 2011. Read more: casebook rhythmics of organizational change; order this publication by sending a mail to (price 20 euro).

Podcast interview (in Dutch) and information: Handboek organisatieverandering en organisatieritmiek, SDU, 2011: