Lecturers & presentations

Lecturers and presentations about the results of organizational rhythmics for scientific congresses as well as workshops for organizations. During workshops the participants are challenged to discuss multiple theorems concerning organizational rhythmics.

2 April 2012 Londen, Imperial Bussiness School, Organizational Change and Organizational Rhythmics
14 March 2012 Shell Learn & Lunch bijeenkomst 'Organizational change'
(T. Poels, N. Bloem)
26 October 2011 Presentatie for Shell-managers/employees by T. Poels/N. Bloem:'Organizational Rhythmics and Monitoring of a large scale (IT) change.
26 May 2011 EAWOP Conference (European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology) Maastricht; Exploring Organizational Change with the Model of Organizational Rhythmics – a Case Study in 9 Organizations
(T. Poels/J. van Dam)
16 June 2010 ICOH WOPS (International Conference on Psychosocial Factors at Work) Amsterdam, Visualization of rhythm of organizational change by the Platform of Rhythmics of Organizational Change in The Netherlands
(T. Poels/J. Kielema)